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TEMIS, microtechnical and scientific technopolis


Municipality: Besançon

5 minutes from the Mulhouse-Dijon A36 and 10 minutes from the TGV station, the TEMIS multi-site technology park can host your activity in a highly technological site of nearly 250 hectares, focusing most research, training and innovation capacities in the fields of small components and precision.

Accredited by the International Association of Science Parks and RETIS, TEMIS microtechnical technopolis is the reference site in France where microtechnique and nanotechnology potentials are revealed and harnessed as a vehicle for your growth.

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  • Luxury: watchmaking, jewellery, luxury.
  • Aeronautics & Space.
  • Watchmaking, Jewellery, Luxury.
  • Time-frequency, Measurement and control.
  • Intelligent microsystems.
  • Optics, Photonics.
  • Micromanufacturing.

In practice

  • Total surface: a 130 ha technopolis including the university campus of La Bouloie.
  • Transferrable plots: 18 ha available.
  • Surface of the plots: depends on each individual project.
  • Developer: SM Parc Scientifique et Industriel TEMIS.
  • Incubator, Business Incubator, Business centre, Residential real estate.
  • Some fifty innovative business leaders in their fields: SOPHYSA, BREITLING, DECAYEUX luxe, VIX TECHNOLOGY, MECASEM, SILMACH, SMARTESTING, etc.
  • The key players in research: FEMTO-ST Institute (700 researchers), on-site networks and financial partners (CIFC, FC PME Gestion, Business Angels, Réseau Entreprendre, BpiFrance Franche-Comté).
  • TEMIS INNOVATION, Maison des microtechniques.
  • Incubator, Business Incubator, Business centre.
  • MIMENTO technological centre integrated into the "RTB" national network of major micro and nanotechnologies research centres.
  • 850 square metre clean room, with a QUARTZTECH production line (micro components), unique in France.
  • 1,800 square metre technological hall: spectrometry centre; microscopy centre; pilot workshop (machining, microfabrication, femtosecond laser); AIP-PRIMECA division (inter-site production engineering workshop and IT resource division for mechanics - rapid prototyping).
  • TEMIS SCIENCES, 5,300 m² dedicated to research.



Municipality: Besançon

Around the Regional University Hospital Centre, the French Blood Establishment, the INSERM, TEMIS Santé is a business park specially imagined to offer exceptional conditions for installation to businesses and laboratories in the healthcare, biomedical, biotechnologies, medico-surgical equipment and e-healthcare sectors.

Infrastructure :

  • Establishments orientated towards research, industry, subcontracting or services benefit from all the richness of a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Tax advantages in the free zone
  • 5 minutes from A36 and 10 minutes from TGV
  • Tramway at the heart of TEMIS SANTE ; on direct line to the city center
  • In immediate proximity to the shopping center Chateaufarine (hotels, shops, restaurants,…)


  • Telemedicine (e-health).
  • Cellular bioengineering.
  • Biotherapies.
  • Medical devices.
  • Clinical investigations.

In practice

  • Total surface: 45 ha.
  • Transferrable plots: 11 ha available to host businesses
    Surface of the plots: depends on each individual project.
  • Residential real estate available.
  • Key players on the site: EFS, CHU, EMOSYST, Diaclone, Don du Souffle, RD Biotech, ALCIS, SCREENCELL, Institut fédératif du Cancer (under construction: 25,000 m², technical facilities for diagnosis, care and research).

Nouvelle Ère business park

Municipality: Les Auxons

The Nouvelle Ère business park is located in the municipality of Auxon-Dessus, north of the conurbation of Greater Besançon. The Park develops in a wooded setting located south of the LGV line. To the East, the perimeter includes the existing business park.

Infrastructure :

  • Rhin Rhône LGV line.
  • 16 daily commuter trains between the Viotte and Besançon Franche-Comté TGV stations, a trip of approximately 15 minutes.
  • A Livéo Vesoul <> Besancon Franche-Comté TGV station link offers four daily round Fibre drawing and very high speed labelling.
  • A range of services on site or within less than 5 minutes (restaurants, shops (60,000 m²), gym, movie theatre complex, etc.)

Property  for purchase or rent

  • Low Consumption building.
  • 5,000 m² scalable into R+3.
  • Platforms available from 100 m².
  • Phased in 2 instalments of 2,500 m².
  • Quality architecture and landscaping.
  • Integration of an ERP area on the ground floor with a business area.


  • Tertiary, non-themed activities, opportunities to accommodate light industrial and handicraft activities.

In practice

  • Total surface: 25 ha.
  • Transferrable plots: available.
  • Surface of the plots: depends on each individual project.
  • Tertiary premises available.
  • Business center
  • Dealer Developer : SedD.
  • Information: Greater Besançon, Economics Department (Direction de l'Economie): +33 (0)

Eurespace Parc de l'Échange

Municipalities: Vaux-les-Prés / Chemaudin

A mixed-use site, the Parc de L’Echange is ideally located around the Besançon West motorway junction (in the directions of Paris-Dijon-Lyon and Strasbourg).


  • A36 motorway junction
  • Harmonious landscaping of buildings in an environmentally friendly spirit
  • Chateaufarine shopping mall 5 minutes away
  • Centre of Besançon 10 minutes away


Industry and tertiary.

In practice

  • Total surface: 19 ha developed.
  • Transferable plots:
    • 1.6 ha available for activities and 6 ha for tertiary businesses
    • A new tranche of 17 ha under construction
  • Surface of the plots : depends on each individual project.
  • Developer : SMAIBO

Eurespace Serre-les-sapins

Municipality: Serre-les-Sapins

Infrastructures :

  • Immediate proximity to the Western Interchange of the A36.
  • Rapid communication links with the other business sectors of the city area.
  • Harmonious landscaping integration of the buildings, with respect for the environment.


Industry, logistics, craft businesses, tertiary.

In practice

  • Total surface: 26 ha.
  • Transferrable plots: available immediately.
  • Surface of the plots: 35 ares to 1 ha or more.

Le Noret business park


Municipality: Mamirolle

Located on the Plateau south of Besancon, the Noret business park enjoys a privileged position on the Besançon - Switzerland (RN 57) axis. Buoyed by the Greater Besançon, this business park is set to become the economic gateway to Besancon from Switzerland and Haut Doubs.

Infrastructure :

  • Access: A36 motorway 15 minutes away.
  • 15 km from Besançon Viotte TGV station.
    8 km from La Vèze business airfield.


  • Craft businesses, industry and services

Since 2007, this business park has already seen several businesses installed, such as: Gaz et eaux, Charpentes Deforet, SARL Berion, Au Faite 25...

In practice

  • Total area: 9 ha.
  • Lots available for sale: 2 ha available.
  • Surface area of the lots: à la carte from 1,000 m2.
  • An extension of 7 ha is under review.
  • Developer: Grand Besançon

Espace commercial de Chalezeule

Municipality: Chalezeule

Located East of the city, at the entrance to Besançon, the business park is being redeveloped and will be directly accessible by tram. The improvement work will result in the creation of 36,000 m² of new retail space (extension of the existing mall and new shops) and will participate in the revitalisation of the East region.


Shops: home furnishings, sports and leisure, personal goods.

In practice

  • Total surface: 30 ha.
  • Surface of the plots: commercial properties for sale or rent (surface depending on the project).
  • Dealer Developer: Carrefour, Frey. 

Portes de Vesoul business park

Municipality: Besançon

The future area Portes de Vesoul is located at the North West entrance to the city, in the Saint-Claude neighbourhood of Besancon. It focuses on the redevelopment of part of the Rue de Vesoul and the construction of a new entrance to the city.

Infrastructure :

  • Immediate vicinity of the Besançon North bypass and the A36 North motorway junction
  • Valentin shopping mall 5 minutes away.
  • Hotels and shops in the neighbourhood.
  • Temis technopolis nearby...

A railway stop is also planned in the area on the line that connects the two TGV stations (Besançon Franche-Comté TGV and Besançon-Viotte).


Two sub-sections:

  • A first section to the West of the Rue de Vesoul, for craft or service activities in connection with TEMIS, for car dealerships and tertiary office activities,
  • A second section to the East of the Rue de Vesoul, for tertiary activities combined with habitat.

In practice

  • Total area: 15 ha.
  • Surface of the plots: depends on each individual project.


Key figures

Economic area of 250,000 inhabitants

95 000 salaried jobs

30 000 students

A pool of 10 900 businesses and institutions

75 hectares of activity spaces immediately available for businesses

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