Economic strategy

Since 1 January 2001, the Greater Besançon Area Community has been the competent body for orchestrating economic development, in place of the member municipalities.

Charged with putting in place the infrastructures and services necessary for development, the Area Community is the favoured interlocutor for businesses and project developers who wish to set up and develop on the territory of Greater Besançon. It also supports and coordinates a network of development activator partners.

In 2010, with the support of all the players in economic development involved in the future of the Greater Besançon territory, it defined its 2010-2015 economic development strategy.

We found that we had a shared ambition "Greater Besançon 2015: entrepreneurial, technological and tertiary".

Entrepreneurial Grand Besançon

Entrepreneurial, first of all because we have to both make the territory of Greater Besançon into a space where businesses and talents can setup, innovate, develop and collaborate. For that purpose, we must support infrastructure projects and monitor their completion (offers of land and buildings, digital infrastructures, multi-modal accessibility, etc.).

Technological Grand Besançon

Technological, secondly, because our history and expertise acquired over decades in the area of micro-techniques and precision allow us today, by marrying them with our know-how in mechanical engineering, surface treatments, etc. to position ourselves on new markets such as those of healthcare, security and aerospace. On these subjects we are, furthermore, open to sharing and exchanging experiences with other leading territories such as Switzerland or the Grenoble region.

Tertiary Grand Besançon

Tertiary, lastly, because these new markets suppose the marriage of industrial expertise and tertiary expertise in order to add real value to our productions. Hence, a strong university centre, internationally recognised research centres, competitiveness centres and companies in the tertiary sector capable of assisting industrial businesses in their development and installation on the markets of tomorrow (e-healthcare, environment, renewable energy, electronic publishing, etc.) are all advantages for the territory of Greater Besançon.

Our challenges for the future, our joint will to create in our territory a growth dynamic capable of generating employment and respectful of its environment, encourages us more than ever, at your side, to put this strategy into place, with the aims of complementarity, mutualisation of our resources and a permanent pursuit of gains for the businesses and inhabitants of Greater Besançon.


The President of Grand Besançon


Key figures

Economic area of 250,000 inhabitants

95 000 salaried jobs

30 000 students

A pool of 10 900 businesses and institutions

75 hectares of activity spaces immediately available for businesses

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