Setting up your business in the Grand Besançon

The Greater Besançon supports entrepreneurship, in particular by providing young designers with premises and support services withing the Boutique de Gestion BGE Franche-Comté, which assists project developers and accommodates them in a business incubator and a business centre:

  • At Palente (3,500 sq. m of premises)
  • On TEMIS, at TEMIS INNOVATION – House of microtechnologies (Maison des microtechniques) (in a business incubator: 12 modules of 34 in 130 m² and in a business centre: 5 workshops of 170 to 217 m² and 14 commercial premises of 44 to 107 m²)

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ADIE facilitates the creation and development of micro-businesses through the establishment of an assisted microcredit facility for any business creator or micro-entrepreneur who has not found a financing solution via the banks. ADIE offers solutions for any funding requirement up to EUR 10,000 and free tips for success.

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+33 (0)969 328 110 "crystal" number (no surcharge)

ADIE's tasks include:

• Funding the projects of entrepreneurs who do not have access to bank credit and more particularly those of job seekers and beneficiaries of the RSA.

• Assisting microentrepreneurs before, during and after the creation of their business to ensure sustainability.

• Contributing to the improvement of the institutional environment of microcredit.

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BGE Franche-Comté, an Association under the 1901 Act, accompanies and supports creators of business projects and young entrepreneurs. BGE can further ensure that they are hosted by a business incubator or a business centre.

  • At Palente (3,500 m² of premises offering surfaces ranging from 15 to 220 m²).
  • On TEMIS, at TEMIS INNOVATION – House of microtechniques (Maison des microtechniques) (in a business incubator: 12 modules of 34 in 130 m² and in a business centre: 5 workshops of 170 to 217 m² and 14 commercial premises of 44 to 107 m²).
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An association under the 1901 Act, a member of France Initiative, the first associative network for financing and support of entrepreneurship in France.

Doubs Initiative provides entrepreneurs with financial and human resources, in order to optimize their startup and to maximize their chances of success.

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Coopilote is a business cooperative whose purpose is to help entrepreneurs start their practical activity in a suitable legal and administrative framework.

Job seekers, employees or prospective company founders: Coopilote gives them all an opportunity to work with their customers and to bill their services while maintaining employee status and the related benefits.

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Réseau Entreprendre brings together local associations of entrepreneurs wishing to contribute to the creation and takeover of high potential SMEs.

  • Customized support by business leaders.
  • Funding in the form of unsecured loans
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Bpifrance assists companies, from seed to stock market listing, from credit to equity. Bpifrance offers financing solutions for every stage of the business life:

  • Support for businesses in their first investment needs: seed, guarantee, innovation.
  • Support for the growth of SMEs across France: venture and development capital, "build-up", co-funding, guarantee.
  • Strengthening of ETIs in their development and internationalisation: development capital and transmission, co-financing, export credit, support.
  • Participation in the presence of the major companies and stabilisation of their capital: transmission capital, co-financing, export credit, support.
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Key figures

Economic area of 250,000 inhabitants

95 000 salaried jobs

30 000 students

A pool of 10 900 businesses and institutions

75 hectares of activity spaces immediately available for businesses

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