Urban development in a woodland clearing for the new TGV station Tertiary Park

A new tertiary activity park is being created 400 m from the new TGV station in a woodland framework. Almost 100,000 m² of premises are planned on this site. The first tertiary building of high environmental quality and two modules of 2500 m², splittable depending on the requirements of businesses, will be available in 2014.

Digital technology


A reconfirmed priority



Greater Besançon has put in place a deliberate strategy of up-scaling its offer and has equipped itself with a digital highway connected to the GIX of LYON and STRASBOURG, thereby providing the city with VERY HIGH SPEED BROADBAND at rates similar to those of large cities and allowing for the arrival of new operators in the territory.


This offer, coupled with a digital local loop, the fibre-optic network and a latest-generation DATA CENTRE, the first of a new kind to be equipped with an economic "eco-breeze" air conditioning system, allows businesses to develop new collaborations and exchanges with their suppliers and partners.

TEMIS Sciences - The shop window of micro- and nano-technologies

A high-technology building dedicated to the genes of Femto-St (Franche-Comté electronics, mechanics, heat and optical, sciences and technologies), it will be the largest public research laboratory in Franche-Comté specialising in micro-techniques and nano-technologies.

More details on www.temis.org

Greater Besançon: action plan for the enhancement and support of the watchmaking industry.


The rebirth of the watchmaking sector in Besançon has already been a fact for some time, with the rise in 2011 and 2012 of several projects, some run by the public sector, some by private players. On the corporate side, following the renewed set up of the prestigious Leroy factory, Breitling started works on its European customer service at TEMIS, the Swatch Group France installed its new logistics centre at the Lafayette Park, while SMB finalised its extension.


To support and expand this movement, Greater Besançon has developed together with its business partners a Luxury Watchmaking action plan. It is based on several major areas:


Firstly, promoting watchmaking training, which is essential for preparing for the future by training new, high quality employees, at the University and technical colleges, including ENSMM and AFPA, as well as the laboratories and research departments of FEMTO-ST.


The second area: developing the growth of a subcontracting sector. This is in particular the objective of the SECTO programme and work with the Competitivity Division for micro-technologies. In the same way, teams from the city in coordination with the Regional Development Agency will support research and development of industrial and technological partnerships that are useful for watchmaking companies.


Finally, the completed renovations of Observatory telescope pavilion helps make this iconic place a unique venue for meetings and exhibitions. It houses the chronometer space and its punch of the Viper, which conducts measurements and chronometric controls and is a major player in organizing the International Chronometry Contest, of which Besançon proudly welcomed the results announcement ceremony in October 2013.


Find out more International Chronometry Contest




Key figures

Economic area of 250,000 inhabitants

95 000 salaried jobs

30 000 students

A pool of 10 900 businesses and institutions

75 hectares of activity spaces immediately available for businesses

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