Besançon, an indispensable partner for the medical industry

Mastery of micro-technical skills and multiple technologies

Mastery of micro-technical skills and multiple technologies in very small dimensions, which naturally find their application in the medical industry and more particularly in four areas of excellence:

  • Implants and prostheses
  • Medico-surgical equipment and instrumentation
  • Tissue and cellular engineering
  • Medical imagery

Synergy and competencies for the medical industry

In Franche-Comté and more particularly in Besançon, from micro arson surgery to implants, 250 local businesses participate, directly or indirectly, in the growth in worldwide biomedical production. A genuine cluster bringing together specific training, research centre, businesses and dedicated zones. Everything is done to promote the development of these leading-edge businesses, which marry micro-techniques and biomedical applications and which supply all the sectors of the industry: Ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, urology, neurology, orthopaedics, cardiovascular, plastic surgery digestive surgery, imaging, biology, etc.


Alcis accompanies businesses in the biomedical industry from the design to the accreditation of medical devices, including active and non-active implants. The Besançon company is also a subcontractor for assembly by laser welding, injection-based silicone moulding, and for the conditioning of medical devices, all these tasks being carried out under controlled atmosphere in a cleanroom.


Design and manufacture of microtechnology in MIM and CIM (injection moulding of metal and ceramic powders), from the study of the tool to the part ready for installation. All stages of production, from design to the development of tools to finishes.


APEX BIOSOLUTIONS is a biotech company that offers tailored solutions against infectious diseases through research and development programs.


An expert in the drawing-based design and manufacture of microtechnical parts, in units or in series, by EDM. Concerning medical devices, Cicafil works on tools for surgery, rasps, spine screws, moulds and prosthetics.


Specializing in the design, development and production, in a controlled atmosphere, of medical devices ready to be marketed (implants, catheters, instrumentation devices, in vitro diagnostics).


Covalia, an innovative company specializing in telemedicine, develops and markets teleconsultation, telecare and tele-expertise solutions.


Also present in watchmaking Createch designs, models, manufactures and assembles parts for jewellery and for the medical field, using very high precision machining techniques.


An expert in the technologies of small dimensions and high precision for applications in the medical sector and particularly instrumentation for implants, dental and hearing loss components, surgical instruments, etc.


Digital Surf develops and markets metrology and imaging software for microscopes, profilometres and spectrometres for the analysis of surfaces at the microscopic level.

The software programs, based on Digital Surf's Mountains® technology, enable to visualize and analyse the measured data and to transfer the results through a laid out analysis. The programs incorporate the latest innovations in surface analysis, as well as national and international standards.


DIXI Microtechniques, through its medical subsidiary, offers the design and manufacture of electrodes for neurosurgery for large hospitals in Europe and Canada.


Designed for the medical sector a clock called "Mémorielle" for people with Alzheimer's disease.


A figure suffices to demonstrate the importance of the company: 6 million! This is the number of pieces produced each year. The company machines hard materials and at the same time produces small size and high accuracy ceramics.


The leading manufacturer of industrial lasers in France, Laser Cheval has over 800 machines worldwide for all application areas.


Founded more than a century ago in Besançon, Micro-Méga designs and manufactures products for surgery, clockmaking, electric hair removal, the aerospace industry, the electronics industry … Micro-Méga is also a leader and specialist in endodonty.


A dynamic start-up company, Onefit customizes orthopedic surgical treatments by modelling the patient's body. A significant step to improve the effectiveness of orthopedic treatment.


The company established in 2006 in Besançon is changing, especially in the field of research on genetic diseases and tumour cells.


The company established in 2006 in Besançon is changing, especially in the field of research on genetic diseases and tumour cells.


The leader in the field of neurological implants, the Japanese company SOPHYSA designs and manufactures two main types of products: implantable devices for the treatment of hydrocephalus and a range of catheters. The company also develops complementary accessories.


Statice develops and manufactures implants, instruments and laboratory equipment. It has perfect mastery of biomaterials thanks to its extensive experience in processing and assembly in a controlled environment and to its effective R&D department.


STS specializes in precision machining, design, metrology and turnkey industrialization. Adaptation to customer needs for prototyping parts and components or the complete development of systems such as tools, devices and systems.


A leading company in precision slicing, UND can handle the micromachining, deburring, polishing, grinding, polishing of luxury screws, electro-polishing, all series prototyping... An important activity in the field of dentistry and implantology applied to various organs of the human body.

Specific training courses

Expert structures

  • The University Hospital Centre of Besançon is recognised for transplants and grafts, the treatment of cancers, the heart and blood vessels. It houses a centre for diagnoses of skin ageing which is unique in France.
  • The Federal Institute for Engineering Research and Cellular Biology.
  • The French Burgundy - Franche-Comté Blood Establishment (the leading placenta blood bank and cornea bank in France).
  • The Eastern France Cancer Centre and the Federal Regional Cancer Institute.

A European research centre

More than 40 university laboratories or hospital departments around the Besançon Regional University Hospital Centre (CHRU) and the University of Franche-Comté with, among others:

  • The CIC-IT and the CIC-BT, clinical investigation centres and their research on Technological Innovations and, in Biotherapy,
  • The FEMTO-ST Institutes and its 670 researchers, who develop specific programmes (micro-systems acting on cells or biological molecules, biomechanics, ionizing radiation on living cells etc.),
  • The CLIPP, the largest international-scale technology platform devoted to clinical proteomics.


Key figures

Economic area of 250,000 inhabitants

95 000 salaried jobs

30 000 students

A pool of 10 900 businesses and institutions

75 hectares of activity spaces immediately available for businesses

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Temis santé


The dedicated technology development centre in Grand Besançon

Based around the Regional Hospital Centre, the UFR Médecine – Pharmacie, the INSERM and the medical research facilities - a park of 40 ha including 17 ha reserved for the setting up of healthcare businesses and laboratories, biomedical businesses, biotechnologies, medical/surgical equipment businesses… A complete range of installations available - buildings for tertiary purposes, facilities intended for medical research, premises and various rental formulae, for purchase or long-term financing.

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